Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Juice, Kids, Spring break.

My new juice taste just like green lemonade which makes drinking it ten times better. I have honestly been craving it and then being to lazy to make it. (Should work on that) It has truly become part of our lives. It know it seems like I have got crazy but, I haven't it really is that GREAT. How can I convert you too?

The kids are out of spring break and driving me CRAZY... I have to tell you that they are absolutely on one. The not so funny jokes, weird noises, and constant question are driving me up a wall. I NEED MORE WINE to make it through the rest of the week. SERIOUSLY MORE WINE>

Things have been crazy here. The remodel is slowly moving forward and we will see what happens as the weeks come to a close.

I made it to the gym two out of three days this week but, the scale seems to be going in the wrong direction. Every time I step on her she tells me I am gaining weight. Anyone else experience this?

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