Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making motion

This made me giggle. Just a tad.

Corbynn is back in spring suffrage. Welcome to Asthma season; worst time of year around the Jones.
Today she is feeling a lot better to day; yesterday was one of those days that I was grateful for her 02 saturation monitor. That thing is a saving grace in more than one way. Last year I would have packed her up and taking her to the hospital. They would have put her on a nebulizer and we would have come home. All the while incurring a HUGE bill. Now that we have the monitor I knew where she was and could deal accordingly.
These days with the sicky make me so grateful that I am the one with a major illness and not them. It would be impossible to watch her go through this every day.

Clean eating has been going fairly well. Here is my recipe of the week it taste like green lemonade
3 green apples
2 kale leafs
1 whole lemon
3 handfuls spinach
1 inch ginger
7 celery sticks
2 cucumbers

  Did I mention that I am doing couch to 5k? I am sure I did, but I feel the need to brag  a little. I have been making it to the gym with more regualarity that ever before. In the last 12 days I have gone 7. I honestly have never had a lot of motivation, but with the help of this app. I feel great knowing what I am going to do and feel even better after I do it. I have incorporated some weight training but not a lot and would like to have more. Maybe a need a mentor??


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  1. Poor child...... I hope Corbynn has her asthma under better control. It is terrible to have to see a small child suffer like that.
    You are doing fantastic! So pleased.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May