Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Truth about hair extensions

     You may have noticed I got myself some new hair this week. It was an investment I am not going to lie. A lot of  dollars later I have a full head of hair and not very many regrets. Nothing like hair to make you feel like a real woman. This shouldn't be the case but boy it is; I have woke up every day this week super happy to do my makeup dress up and go to the gym. Hair is SEXY we all know it even if we want to think that is vain.. truth is it just is.

     The truth is they aren't very comfortable for the most part they are a little painful. People say that the itching and neck pain goes a way in a few days but, I haven't experienced that yet. The are just a little uncomfortable.  Do I think about taking them out? Of course I do. Am I going to? Not a chance in this world. I am keeping them in for at least three months. Hopefully my hair is a little bit longer by then and I will have a few more options for my own head of hair.

    Putting them up is the easiest way to style them but, it is also horrible for the extension. So wearing them down is the way to go. I am trying to only pull them back when I am at the gym. The rest of the time curling them seems to be the way I am rocking them.

Like I said it is great having some extra length. Do I magically feel more sexy? YES I do!

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