Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year. New style. New Goals.

 Looking back on the last year it was nuts. I did a lot of good things and failed to do a lot of things that I wanted too. I am taking full responsibility for those goals that were never reached. I spent a lot time consumed in "social media distractions". I know that social media increases my business but it can become a little excess. I am sure all you other Blogger/facetimers/instagramer know what I am talking about. I consider 2013 a huge year of growth for me mentally/physically/spiritually. I think I entered 2013 with rose colored glasses on. I was married to a wonderful man, working for what I thought was a great company, had a group of great friends. I was looking forward to a successful year. What I found out was I was without goals and didn't have a real plan for success. That applied both personally and professionally. This year is full of opportunity to fine tune what I started in 2013. I started a lot in 2013 and this year is going to be about follow through.
    First off personally I want to continue on my fight for a healthier life. I want to get back to my mostly veggie life style and re-incorporate juicing! I fell off the healthy train somewhere in 2013. It all goes back to follow through and what I want for 2014. I to work limiting the amount of box food I place into my body. I need to work toward having clean eating habits in order to keep that cancer at bay.
    Building a stronger body and working on making working out a priority in my life. In 2013 I worked out a lot. I made a lot of strides towards my body and I want to keep up those habits. I want to work out 3 times a week every week this year. I would also like to incorporate some yoga into my workout plan to go along with the running and weightlifting.
    I have been working on meditating to deal with stress and I love it so I want to continue doing that. I would like to branch out and work towards my own spiritual beliefs. I have spent most of my life as just agnostic and I don't know if that will change. I want to spend some time every month working on me and my beliefs
    I want to get involved in a parenting class to help combat the ever changing life with kids. I also want to make it a goal to have Sean and I on the same page when it comes to rewards and discipline. I believe that us being on the same page is going to be vital to making this blended family function well. We are making it right now just because the kids are all doing well, but with the teenage years right in front of us it is time to work together on a solid parenting plan. It isn't that we don't agree it is just that we don't have a plan. It seems like with melding two families together it is an area that needs follow through.
    The big goals of 2014 are mostly professionally. This last year has been hard on me professionally and that is no one's fault but my own. I took a lot of risks this year and I believe they will pay off going into 2014, but not without a plan to handle growth. I want to make a solid income above my current cost. I would also like to see myself close 24 deals in the next 12 months. Doing that is going to mean a lot of work. I need to set work hours for myself and stick to them. Having the option to work when I want has made for a lot of wasted time or time running with my head cut off. So I am currently working on my business plan more on that later.


More than anything else I plan on being present in 2014. I believe that is the key to all of these things. So here is to seeing you all succeed in 2014





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