Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day One.

Welcome to 2014. Deep down I know it is just another day, but it feels shinny and new. Unlike the last day of 2013 which felt raw, too soon, unfinished, and needing a couple extra months not a restart. However, today I woke up refreshed and realizing I can do anything I put my mind too. So enough of last year and on to year….

    Today I got Christmas out of the house. The lights, tree, nick-naks are all put away and with it 2013 was packed. I feel like glittering the whole house to make it feel shiny and new too. Alas my attitude will have to be enough glitter is messy and I don't think Sean would like it at all.

    I am sure everyone is doing exactly what I am doing right now. Putting my best foot forward in all my new years resolutions. My house is clean, juice was made, and I am here blogging away all while planning my first workout of 2014. Secretly hoping that blogging will keep me help accountable. We all know how that worked in the past (30 day juice cleanse, weight loss, running) Yep all failed in 2013. I took to the wine and enjoyed the wine a lot or at least I thought I did. Now looking back that was probably part of the problem. I am on the right track as of this morning let keep one foot into the other.

    We have Corbynn and Eli and no Koda this week. Dakota has been missing her dad a lot so she is spending some extra time there. Her step sister had a baby too, Koda thinks that is the coolest thing ever. She has been having a lot of out bursts. I think she is reaching to control her life a little. She gets upset screams and throws herself around and then will just cry and cry, but if you walk out of the room she stops. It comes with a lot of guilt of course; you don't love me enough to let me see my daddy, I don't love you anymore, you're not my favorite mom. It is hard not to get upset. I know it must be hard living in two houses with no real schedule, but we are going to have to make improvements.

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