Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Corbynn stayed home "sick" today. She just seemed off. Do you ever keep your kids home because they just don't look right?
Trying to get my water and steps in today!!
Still feeling a little pale myself. I cleaned my kitchen spotless and normally that would have cheered me up, but I can't smell how clean it is. Took all the fun out of the clean. 


  1. sounds like it's been a real SHIT kind of day? maybe not REAL shit.. but slightly shitty? anyway.. cheer up buttercup and all that other nonsense folks are supposed to tell you :P

    but what if you just have a weird looking kid? do they never go to school?

  2. Hope she was back on her game today! We all deserve a day off everyonceinawhile and I say kudos for recognizing your girlie needed just that!