Monday, January 13, 2014

Relationships and Communication

    It is hard to believe that that so our ENTIRE lives revolve around just these two things. What is said, what isn't communicated clearly makes all the difference. I find that I don't communicate clearly when I am under stress. I have a very hard time saying what I need to when I think it is going to hurting other people. I am a true PEOPLE pleaser and it has led to bad business. I have had a lot of give my business trying to help people get on top. I am learning very quickly why people become hard business players because people take advantage of you. They use you and never look back because it is all about them.

    Sounds harsh I know, but it is SO true. I hate when people commit to something and then bail mid-way through drives me crazy. People shhezz..


Have a told you about my thrifting obsession lately? Hi my name is Kayla and I am a thrifting addict. I love to stop and look through the stuff. Normally I don't leave with much but it always puts a smile on my face when I found something amazing. Today I went for girls snow boots and found them at the first stop. They aren't amazing but they are nice enough to last a few month until the snow lifts. They may only last until I find a cooler set. It is kind of like my own personal crack; the feeling of the chase, then if it fit/works and then the awesome feeling when I look at the price tag and realize I am only spending 2.99-10.00 dollars instead of 50-100 on an item. My husband thinks I am crazy but I think that I am in constant looking the amazing deal/find. It seems like if you don't go all the time you don't find the deals. So I go when I can.


More on this later!

I have been sick as fuck this week sorry guys for the lack of posting.

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