Thursday, January 16, 2014

a little of this and little of that.

     We had a mid-week sleep over with Olivia this week. It went very well considering it was a school night. I know what you all are thinking...  You let her have a sleep over on a school night? Well, no not exactly it was Sean. When I heard him say it I was completely amazed. Eli even looked at him and was like "what"???? I was surprised when he backed himself up. Dakota and Corbynn don't get weekends here so Sean thought she should have a chance to have a sleep over too. It was super cute.
 Bad parent moment of the week was showing up at gymnastics after three weeks of not going to find out it was their mid-season performance. Luckily Oma and Opa had come just to watch them and take them to dinner after. It was good timing. Koda did her one handed cartwheel for the first time. It was awesome, totally awesome. She also did her front hand spring off the beam. I can't believe how far both of them are coming.
Just me being a mom.