Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mountain Bike Riding

   I have been living in Eagle for almost a year now with the knowledge that there are some amazing mountain biking trails within 1000ft of my front door. Have I been out even once this whole entire summer? Nope. Lazy me has not even thought of riding up those trails until yesterday. 
    Sean and I are once again quitting smoking. Let me tell you this is always a good time with two going cold turkey at once. It makes life a little more interesting in our neck of the woods. Sean likes to stay home and workout while he is quitting. He can't socialize with anyone for at least a couple weeks while his smoking habit settles down. I on the other hand need to get out of the house and do go places. Sitting around the house makes me WANT to smoke. 
    Yesterday the only thing Sean and I could agree on was bike riding. I wanted to take out our cruisers and just meander around. Sean wanted to hit the foot hills behind our house. As you can imagine Sean won and I lost and off to the peaks we went. I was less than enthused to be honest but, off we went anyway. 
    It was great to get out there and just ride. You couldn't think of anything but the trail that was right in front of you which when your mind has been stuck on something that works out great.  My legs are not as strong as the once were but, they made the effort and I made it up hill. That is what matters. Now I just need a work out friend and this fall will be off with a kick.


  1. I'm so pleased that you can do this. What energy you must have! Good for you!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Oh, getting out into the mountains sounds wonderful. Good luck with the nonsmoking goal! Hooray!

    Would like to invited you to submit something to a series we are doing called "Perspectives on Cancer"

    You can email me at
    Please delete the email when you get this.

  3. I have actually been to Eagle :).

    Sometimes your guy winning is a good thing :)!