Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Schools in session

Girls at school!
School started two weeks ago and we are now getting into the swing of all things school. When three kids go to two different school with one that doesn't buss creates a mass amount of chaos. During a time where my brain doesn't want to fully function yet.
       As you may remember me bitching hysterically politely expressing frustrations about the gifted and talented program in our district. All of that is in the past and now for the first time Eli is being challenged to work harder in every way. So we are working on his organizational skills a lot because he sucks struggles at keeping his papers and research accessible. He also has never used his study skills because he never had a project  challenging enough to bring home to encouraged study habits. I know this year is going to be challenging for Eli; going to a new school, not being the "smartest" one in class, and struggling with school work. I am a little worried that this will be a rough school year as he learns to make better choices about school work yet, I am so excited to see him make strides forward. He has also taken up viola with the school orchestra! 
       Koda is just a happy camper in first grade. I love watching her grow and learn. She is  our "Susie Sunshine" child. She is shy and reserved and hesitant moving forward with new challenges. She is still struggling with reading but mostly due to her insecurities. That is what this year is about; helping Koda's self image. Hopefully we can help her grow and glow in her own beauty and intelligence.                                                                                                                              Corbynn couldn't not more in LOVE with kindergarten. She is a little crazy excited in the morning and right after school. Her smile is so wide that it could light up a room when she runs off the buss with her hands raised above her head screaming "This is the BEST day of my whole life" (that should be in caps due to her pitch being so high that I could barely understand her) Corbynn can be such a brat handful but, she is more expressive than any child I have met.