Wednesday, January 4, 2012



affinity (ah-FIN-i-tee) — 1. a natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship. 2. relationship by marriage. 3. an inherent similarity between persons or things. 4. a relationship or resemblance in structure between species that suggests a common origin. 5. the attraction between an antigen and an antibody. 6. an attraction or force between particles that causes them to combine.
My word for the year is affinity. I have never had a word before but, I woke up this morning with two. This year brings a lot of changes to my life. I will for the first time ever give my heart away not thinking about taking it back. I have been married before but, I did not give him my heart and knew the day I walked down the isle that someday I would be signing divorce papers. It is not the same this time. I will grow old with Sean. I will rock on the porch with our coffees every morning until the day I do not awake to have my coffee. 
This year is about commitment to each other, our children, and our friends. This year we will commit our selves forever. We will hold our family closer than we have ever been. Our world won’t change much but, the intention behind our lives has changed more than I can express. Our intentions are forever family.
Our commitment to our friends is HUGE. Scot is moving here next week for his recovery. He is going to join our family for however long it takes to get him back on his feet. Scot is going to be a part of our everyday lives from here until who knows when. Every time I turn around I our family gets a little bit bigger. I had no idea how my heart would stretch to make room for the people that become part of our lives.
To be honest I am just as scared as I am ready. I am afraid of what this will do to my relationship but, I am commited to making it work. We will make it through the challenges that lie ahead. We will be strong and be together through all of this. We will become stronger together through this experience.
Thank you all for being part of my journey. Happy New Year.


  1. Affinity is a good word.
    Good Luck with your plans...... you have a heart of gold. However, don't forget your own needs.
    Happy New Year.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Maggie's words are wise ones, please take care of yourself first so that you can help others. Keeping you in my prayers....:-)Hugs