Saturday, January 14, 2012



Don’t you just love those days when shit almost every to-do item on your list gets done? These days are few and far between in our home but, today we were rock stars. We got up and got moving and didn’t stop until all we could do was done!
             Today we:
1.     Got a quote on getting the tile in the bathroom done! (hurray we can afford it)
2.    Went and found amazing slate tile at a great price!
3.    Picked up our hard wood.
4.   Went to the mall to look at I-phones for Scot. 

5.    Called AT&T to get set up as an authorized user on Scot account.
6.   Took Scot Sushi!
7.   Found out how to complain about Scots phone going missing from the Rehab floor.
8.    Ate breakfast, Small lunch, and dinner. Not to mention drank my lemon water and kept it meat free today.

I am feeling accomplished today even if I am feeling slightly under the weather.  When I look to the right my nose runs down my face it is a little embarrassing but only when another person notices that drops of water falling from my nostril.  Just a bit awkward .
Scots Iphone went missing yesterday from the rehab unit. They moved him rooms while he was in Speech therapy and when he came back his phone was gone. I love how the next day the phone is used and now we know that Elks rehab has a thief. Not exactly great P.R. for a hospital to have their patients stuff go missing. Luckily his I-pad was still there or else I would have gone off the wall. I am pretty disappointed with the staffs lack of response.
Our shower is being Tiled on Monday, Floors go in on Tuesday (hopefully we will have this done in time for Scot coming home on Friday)
Our family pictures are done! I can’t wait to show them to you. The wonderful Lamartina Photography did a GREAT job. Check her out here! The awesome Lamartina She is Talented and if by chance you are in Edmonton Canada give her a holler.


  1. Love the bathroom floor!

    Never mind about the nose drops. Tissues are easy to use

    That sushi looks good.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Aww, you're too kind. I'm so glad I was able to do your pictures for you. Should have a couple of my favs up on my blog shortly...