Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Scot is here!

           Sean and I moved Scot here over the weekend into a local Rehab! It has been exhausting emotionally and physically. You are never truly ready for the emotions that coming with seeing a friend in duress.
          We arrived in SLC, Ut on Saturday and spent most of Saturday afternoon with Scot just talking. He is talking well and socializing on an incredible level considering a month ago he was near death is ICU after a 9 hour surgery. None of thought he was going to come out of it but Scot is a resislent man. His will to live surprised us all that week.
          He is walking well as long as a person is standing beside him to steady him if he gets wobbly. He has trouble getting up and going down stairs. He also tires easily but, all in all we are very very happy with his progress.
          As for his thoughts they are a little off at times. He can remember a lot of his past and recall right now fairly well however there are some serious holes in there still. Today he thought it was 2007 and couldn’t tell us for sure where he was. On the other side of this there are complete moments of clarity.  Those moments I treasure; I feel them so deeply that I think my heart might be beating loud enough for the nurses to hear it.
          We don’t know what the future holds for Scot but, we don’t know what it holds for me. Having Scot here gives me hope for me and him. Little by lttle the world is showing us that if you truly believe your body can do AMAZING things.

Pictures from the move to come! Missed you all this weekend loves

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  1. Glad that Scott is settled in & things going well so far.
    Hope it gets easier as the time goes on.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May