Wednesday, January 11, 2012



          Today Scot’s doctors got together and set a possible  date for him coming here to do out-patient rehab. We were surprised to hear that they thought Scot would be able to come home on the 20th HURRAY. Even though this means that he will not be as close to independent as Sean and I had hoped. It will make healing a lot easier. Being in the hospital is a hard place to “really” heal. You don’t know anyone and you don’t sleep well and everything is new. Not that being here things won’t be new but, they will become comfortable and secure. He will have his things, clothes, computer and t.v. I think the difference will make a huge change in how Scot is feeling.
          To be prepared for this will take a lot of doing on our side. We will need to get his room/bathroom finished in the next ten days. It will be hard to do but, not impossible to accomplish in 10 days. My brother is coming over to do more work tomorrow and then again on Sunday. Hopefully Monday floors will go in and then on Tuesday we can start bringing in furniture and such.  My list of items to aquire is growing by the minute. He will need a bed, arm chair and night stand. I love that part getting to that point is the challenge.
          As for Sean and I the stress level is high right now. I am getting up and going to spend time with Scot in the morning and Sean is getting off work and coming home for dinner then going to visit Scot. Our lives are a little out of control right now so I think our emotions might be running on overdrive. The uncertainty of where all of this is going to take us is weighing heavy on our minds.
Lots of love and light! Sending it out into the world.

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  1. I'm sure you guys will make it work. Y'all are good like that.