Saturday, October 20, 2012

a little a day

A little a day. 
My old shrink in SLC used to say this about being happy.
That if you could be happy for a minute a day that tomorrow you would be happy for more. 

I am slowly working on losing the ten pounds I put on since my breast reconstruction and hysterectomy. I know that I am processing differently now and it is going to take a lot more to lose the weight. I don't think I am eating more but, I am gaining weight week to week. 
I need ore time at the gym that is for sure. I am guessing that I need to add 2 hour long cadio workout to my current routine. I am having trouble even wanting to do this when every time I hit the gym I come home five pounds heavier instead of lighter. 

We made it to the gym on Thursday and out dancing. We didn't make it yesterday so today I have to get something in for at least an hour. 

Oh... we juiced again this morning and let me tell you .... DON'T do tomatoes, basil, and garlic, not only will you smell awful it tastes like someone threw up in your mouth. 

Still on the taste buds a few hours later. YUCK

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