Monday, November 15, 2010

Koda is SIX

What happens to time? Does it pass by you in such speeds that only the old seem to notice or maybe they just take note of such passing's. I amazed at how big she has become; how aware she is of the things around her. How things change from infancy to six. She has become her own person. She is shy and caring and amazing. She looks out for the better of everyone. Dakota is the daughter that everyone wants. She is polite well mannered and always wanting to please. I am proud to be her mom; proud to have the chance to see her grow. I could not imagine not having her as my child.
   The day she was born was the clearest day in November of 2004. We arrived early to the hostpital with our nerves on high. We were about to become parents. No knowledge of what was to come of the trails that would face our family. That day the only thing on our minds was her. That magnificent baby that was full grown with in me. She was born just as pretty as she is today chunky and awe inspiring. The biggest blue eyes you have ever seen the reach deep inside your soul; they know you... She knows you from the minute she meets you.

I love you Dakota and I am proud to be your mother. My wonderful first born.

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