Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Wonderful Mess.

My heart sets heavy tonight. I have been struggling to keep a hold of my emotions over the last few days.  My friend Brett recently became terimal. He spent the last year avoiding life and not living the way he wanted to. He was in love with a woman but, not pursuing her because of his illness.  He some how found the courage to get married to this woman right before he was going to die. They ran away and committed their lives to one another. The courage of them both makes me cry. The ability to let go of all of those fears and just be in love. From either spot it is a hard feeling to allow your self to have. I can not even imagine how they felt in those moments. How they felt when they openly decided to run away in three days and get married. To spend what is ultimatily a very short married life together. The absolute love and trust they must have for one another to make such a impressive decision. To open their hearts to the pain that will in the end overtake them. To watch the one you love die before you so soon after committing a life time to each other. The look in their eyes says it all. They love each other from a depth of their souls that people rarely find. A peace of them so lost with in each other that it will never be found. When they stare into the eyes of one another you see that piece hidden deep with in that only lights up for the other. The love they share is life altering even to those far away.
   I cry when I think of the commitment to each other.  I have not been able to tear down my own walls for years. To watch two people in such a similar position be so courage's with their hearts makes me feel like I have a chance to make it.  That maybe I too can let down those ways and allow myself to be hurt, allow myself to hurt someone else. 
   My heart sings with hope and praise for this inspiration couple. The world moves around people like these. I am in love with love again. 

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