Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 month

It has been a full month since I got off my meds. Even with my cancer acting up; I feel better. 
I feel a lot more me than I have in a year. 
There are have been many ups and downs this month (the scale has told me so)
I had some trouble with the candy the first few weeks.
I felt this constant hunger. So I ATE and ATE... 
Over the last three months I have gained
9 lbs. 

With that on my mind I couldn't seem to keep myself out of the  fridge. 
Talk about a case of NO restraint. If I had one I had twenty. 

This week has been a lot better. 
My constant hunger has gone away for the most part.

Emotionally I feel like a new person. 
When somethings goes wrong it only takes a few minutes 
to realize I shouldn't let it shake my whole day. 
For the first time since Scots accident I am starting to feel like my own person again. 
I think I may have blamed Scot for a small piece of time.
I know now that it was my meds and I am sure that radiation didn't 
help me. 

Things are looking up over here.

I am resting after a long day... 

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