Sunday, November 25, 2012


We headed up the winding road to Montana for Thanksgiving this year with all the kids in tow. Which I have to admit 7 hours in the car with three kids is not always the best time, however they did amazing well. The first two hours are always the worst while kids get comfy and into the grove.
    The drive from Boise to Hamilton Mt is a very, very windy. All the kids thought they needed to play games and watch movies so you can imagine how it went when car sickness kicked in.  We made it in one piece with no vomit or fighting!

     Sean's parents are saddle makers and excellent ones at that. They do some amazing work. I love going out to the saddle shop and hanging out. The smell of leather brings me to another place. The amount of hard work that goes into a hand made saddle is incredible.

      Dakota spent most of her weekend out in the saddle shop with Bob stamping leather. She must of sat silently stamping away on her leather strips for six hours on Thursday morning before it was time for the feast with grandma. I love how comfortable she is with adults. She seems to find her adult and suck information out of them.

Corbynn was a total grump all weekend, but it turns out she had a UTI and was uncomfortable for most of the day on Thursday and all day Friday. We ended up having to do some in home treatment for her on Friday night after Grandma's 90th birthday party.

Speaking of grandma's 90th it is incredible how young 90 is these days. She lives on her own and has more energy than I do I think. NOT to mention she may be the most stylish 90 year old in the world.

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