Monday, November 5, 2012


Is it wrong that I more excited to have the elections over than I am to vote? I hate the hate adds. I hate that our world has come to slandering the other player. I am amazed that we continue to support this as we try and teach our children sportsmanship in all forms.

Our country doesn't even play that game. I appauled at what people tell their children about these amazing people that have come so far. What our country does to make the other candidate look so bad. Neither of these people are BAD people. It takes a great person to take this challenge and instead of supporting them we slash them down and make them into monsters.

We no longer look at what they stand for, instead we take pieces of what they say that don't sound good and place them in every add across the nation. Then we tell the less educated yes believe what you hear and vote. Let not push them to look at the issues that face the nation. Let manipulate the numbers, the views, the law, and their person lives and tell them how to fuel a lie.

In the end no one wants to vote for either of them because we are inundated with the negative; not the choices or idea the pushed them to success. It is no longer about choices it is about slander. We the American people continue to support this crap. We teach our children that the best way to win a race is to manipulate the truths until they are almost lies.

What are we teaching our children right now? Not that our government is truthful or that they care instead we are teaching our children that the guy with the most dirt wins. Or if you look at the numbers you know that one that spends the most money on adds wins. None of these promote how great the player is...

As I go to the pulls tomorrow it is to select the better of two evils and that is how I have viewed the last 4 presidential races. Not because I think either is really evil, but that both have used the wrong kind of adds to support their races.

These are sad days in political times.

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