Thursday, November 1, 2012

The sisterhood

Do you ever feel like you are lacking female true connections?
That it is all keeping up with the JONES?

I get that feeling all the time and we ARE the Jones. 

We are the ones that are still on top. We still have jobs. We still make an income we still 
win all the time. 

Yet, when I get around other women I tend to believe that they are out to judge me. To make feel different. To make me feel guilt or shame. I don't know how else to explain it, but it never feels

I know that this may mostly be my problem. It may be me having self esteem issues. It is me having
Self esteem issues. It is me not feeling confident about myself enought
to hang with other woman. 

Kind of like fearing going to yoga. 
Yep working on that tonight. 
I will let you know when I have it figured out. 

1 comment:

  1. Women are tough on each other. There may be some reality in your fears. I have a handful of women friends. And they are amazing. Things I look for in close female friendships:
    1) They don't talk about their friends. (If they do, they'll talk about you.)

    2) They are not mean or judgmental about other people. (Mean people drain me.)

    3) They are open minded and accept people whose ideas are different than their own. (I love people who care to consider how others think, and have enough respect to realize other people's feelings and thoughts have value--even if they are different.)

    4) They do NOT disclose the privacy of their friends. UGH!!!

    These seem to be the most helpful things I have discovered about being able to spot a good friend.
    That said, thank you for the sweet message :)!