Sunday, March 20, 2011


      We arrived home late Friday night after an exhausting but, successful trip for the most part at least. It was emotional, stressful, and relieving all at the same time. It was hard watching Sean's reactions to all of the situations. To see him upset yet  not showing much emotion toward it. There were times where I wanted to scream and Sean was calm. I am always surprised at how different people deal with different emotions and feelings. I bottle up and stop talking while others scream, I cry when others stay almost emotionless. It is incredible what the mind is capable of. In the end the week was full of mystery and sadness.
         We did go out and sight see a bit which was a lot of fun. We saw View Point out side of Portland and the Falls. It was nice to be able to set things aside and enjoy parts of the trip. We also went out for St. Patrick day and that was a complete blast. I couldn't have asked for a better St. Patrick's day.
         Sean lost his watch which broke my heart. The only gift I have given him and it is somewhere lost in Portland. He is upset about it too. It hurt me even though it was a complete accident. (blaming the hormones) Yes, they are taken the blame for my many bad moods this week and more than likely the week we are getting ready to start. I hate hormones with a passion these days.
            We are going to have to return to Portland soon to get into the storage unit that we couldn't get into due to not having the correct death cert. That is a bummer but, what do you do? Who knows what will come of all of this. For now I am just along for the ride.

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