Thursday, March 24, 2011

News Room

Lot of exciting stuff happening over here at the this house... Much to tell but, for now I will keep you waiting.

      As all of you know I getting ready to get my guts out. I am really excited that this is going to be my last very painful period of my life. The last five days have been from hell. I have some tumors that are making my monthly visit very difficult I must say. I have always had rough periods but, now I have crippling periods that make my old hard periods look like love birds. I have been in bed for days with my heating pad and wonderful man bringing my drugs so I don't shake/cry/whimper myself to bed every night. I have kept this couple up every night this week with night sweats, constant moving, and horrible pain. With these abnormal pains I am once again having abnormal dreams this very morning NASA broke in my house stole all of our clothes and let me with knee high sock and some boy cut underoo's that said "booty" then they took all my money went into my back yard and got into their sub marine that was parked in my pool. Go pain pill dreams. Let me know if you can top this. 

         First bit of wow news is... I am starting a Real Estate company. I grew up in Real Estate and grew to love everything about it. I couldn't have asked my family for a better way to help me understand running a bussiness. My dad always seemed to just know how to do it. We always had Real Estate agents, parties, and great friends. I am excited to get my own chance and running a business myself. My wonderful father is going to come out of retirement to help out and let me get my own feet wet. So if you are in the market to sell, buy, or even rent out your home I will be up and running very soon! To say the least I am looking forward to having business that I believe in again. I can't wait to be able to help people again. When I was a Real Estate agent the first time around. I always felt great. I felt a sense of pride to what I was doing. Not to mention I was and still am a wonderful agent. Now I am just hopefully going to be a wonderful company owner as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

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