Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Following

   I awoke this morning and logged in as normal to view all my wonderful blogs that I follow and blog about whatever my mind could find. Then suddenly as I stare at my dashboard it states..." You are not following any blogs at this time; to learn more click here? " It created a moment of panic, seriously what would my morning look like with out my blogs? I was surprised at how lost and unconnected to my "friends" I felt. I have a run of friends that I speak with everyday or see but, my "friends" here online are just as much friends as my blog friends. Maybe even more than because it is always a truth. This is where we go to speak the truth. To be able to say anything and not be judged. To speak your mind, work out your problems through writing them down, releasing anger, fear, depression on to our own "pages". So to say the least I felt like my day may have started off wrong.
   It is crazy windy here today; looks wonderful outside until you glance at the trees swaying in the breeze. I am really happy that it is almost spring however, I am just ready for 75 all the time. I am ready to mow the lawn with a t-shirt not my jacket with a hood. I look so silly out there with my coat, hood, and corona light. WOW.. silly.
   Mother's day weekend was silent around our house. Eli went to his mothers and the girls got to see their Oma and Opa from back east.  I missed the girls and felt a little empty with out all the kids. We watched a awful movie, played pool, went to sushi, and then played cards until bed time. It was nice, yet a little off.
  I have been thinking a lot about the death of Bin Laden. I am sad that we have made his death a celebration. I know he killed so many people yes, and it was awful yes but, when did we start celebrating death? I am sad that our world has come to celebrations of death. He was a horrible man I know but, wow I have no desire to have a bbq to clink glasses over the death of someone. I know others will disagree greatly but, it is a death.  I morn for the people that died at his hands, I believe he should have paid for those deaths but, I will not celebrate a death. Just as I do not support a rape for a rape, a death for a death is not a act that will become a act that I am proud of. Maybe this feels un-American but, I am silenced by my wishes for a different way than war.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean about missing virtual friends. I wouldn't want anything going wrong with my blog!

    It is fiercely windy here too!

    I also feel the same about the celebrations of a terrorists death. Ok, he was a wicked man but theres no need to get excited about a killing.

    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Blogger has done that to me in the past... give it a few hours and it *SHOULD* return to normal. One time it looked as if blogger had erased all my blogs and my home page was empty... 12 hours later it was the way it was before and up and running. I hope that is the case with you.

    As far as Bin Laden... you are not alone in your thinking. Call me "Un American" but seriously, I am just glad the whole "get Bin Laden" thing is over. I get it, he is an evil man, many suffered as a result... but he didn't act alone on anything. I am glad that he is gone simply because I feel like we can finally "move on" and hopefully allow some families peace of mind.

    Wishing you a very happy mother's day... because let's face it, we are mothers everyday. I hope you have an amazing week.

  3. I sure hope so... I need my followings back asap! I know I am feeling un-american too.
    I hope your mothers days come with more happy pregnancy moments.

  4. I've had the same problem with Blogger, too. I'll bet you've already got your list back.

    I posted the same Bin Laden sentiments on my group blog, The Old Broards. High-fiving and backslapping and partying in the street is not the appropriate response to the violent, ugly death of a violent and ugly human being. I think maybe somber thoughtfulness about how we got to this horribly acrimonious place with the Islamic world, and what we can all do to improve things and thus prevent World War II, is a more suitable and ultimately more hopeful.

    OK, I'll climb off the soap box now. :D

  5. Yikes--I lost an "I" in there somewhere--that was supposed to say WWIII.

    (I'm thinking it's a little too late to do much about WWII. Sheesh. I suck at typing.)