Monday, May 30, 2011


We found ourselves in the wonderful SLC this weekend so I could meet Sean's best bud Scot. Scot recently moved to SLC from Sanfran for work. It was a large move for him so it felt like the right time to go down and  visit.
    It is always intresting to meet someone new for the first time. The need to be accepted is always there right along with the anxiety of not liking your mans best friend. Lucky for me Scot was great. Artistic, strong, different, and most of all a great guy. I had a great time showing him the city that was once mine. I love Salt Lake for so many different reasons that it was nice to be able to showcase the best of them for him.
    We came home yesterday and slept in, cuddled and had a overall great night just us too. I love being able to watch a movie lay low and have a nice evening together. With no distractions, and a lot of time to just be.

 This upcoming week is going to be a blur... So hang tight. School ends, summer starts, schedules change... awesomeness.


  1. It's such a gift to be able to just be. I've been in this itchy, twitchy place where my mind is always racing on ahead, and I can't seem to get in the moment at all.

    I'm attributing it to hormones (or the lack of them.)

  2. Yay summer!!

    off topic - but I went to "private status" on my blog - but am stopping by my "followers" to let them know. If you want to continue reading, you can email me at ilmz72702 @ and I can add your email to the people who can view it.

    Hope all is well