Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dress up

Dress like Jesse party.
    How often do you get to dress up? Halloween if you get off the next day? You're sister's ugly bridesmaid dress? or even worse whit trash day at the local bar? All of these are small play in comparison my wonderful group of friends that love to have dress up parties. I love watching everyone's personal dream land coming to life. I love the life that comes out. I used to be caught up in the idea of being someone else; I used to love the feeling that tomorrow I got run away from my day's of cancer treatment into a dreamland of people.
    Lots of things have change since then maybe not the big ones though there are still dinner, kids, love, and cancer but, now costuming has changed. I love the idea of shopping at all the local thrift shops for just the perfect shirt or shoes. It is the hunt that calls me these days. I love having to search it out find anything that you may be able to alter into a piece of your imagination. Bringing you idea's to life is inspiring no matter how you are doing it. 
   We are off to a movie premier tomorrow night with a large group of friends and costumed are not only encouraged but required... hee hee
Pictures coming soon. 

    P.S. Treatment is going well. It looks like we may have a tumor eradicated from my body for the first time via radiation treatments! I will let you know how the scan goes.

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  1. I love your PS and will be waiting for an update anxiously!!!