Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday, Bike ride, and a Beer.

Our little BBQ peoples

The Boys

Sean Master Chef

Sean not mastering the heat
Fun in the lawn
Stella the Great

Bike ride by Boise river

Cute bridge

Sean and I


  1. I love that last picture... so adorable! Looks like a ton of fun. The weather has already warmed up like crazy here and is downright hot (in the mid 90's)

  2. I wish it was in the mid 90's here. Maybe it is time for a California adventure. I love getting out side. It should happen more often.

  3. Stella is ADORABLE!! Silly me, I saw bear, not beer :)! had to reread and realized no bear. Beer. But if there was a bear, beer would have been helpful, right? HAH :)

  4. Great pictures. I love the bright green grass and the blooming tree in the background. Ah, spring!

  5. Great Pictures, Love the picture of the bridge btw who's birthday was it ?

  6. Thanks guys... So, all those pictures are taken with my cell phone. I am always amazed at how great they turn out. I can't even tell you how happy I am that it is spring.
    It was our friends Gerardo and Pacal. It was great.