Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Boy

  My wonderful Mr. Jones had a birthday two weeks ago. Just my style we celebrated all week with out fail. It was was a great week. Not to mention my style to not get it posted for another two weeks... HEE HEE
    We went camping the weekend before Sean's birthday up above arrow rock dam. It was a blast 1400 of our not so close and very close friends joining together to enjoy some music and the company of great friends. As always there was more laughter than you could really contain yourself with; my poor stomach hurt for days after. Although I was about sick as I could have been on Sunday on our way home.
    We went out for a couple drinks and met up with two of Sean's best friends on Tuesday night. Wednesday we ran errands to Ontario, Or, stopped by my fathers farm and picked strawberries and green beans. Then we came home took a nap and went out to dinner at the wonderful Chandler Steak house.  We had Ahi tuna for a appetizer and then Sean had Steak and I had a spinach salad. It was wonderful listening to the in house Jazz band.
Saturday was the June birthday Celebrations drinks at the Modern, then dancing at Balcony. Can't go wrong with dancing right?

   I can not even begin to express how amazing Mr. Jones is. I am more in LOVE than I have ever been. So grateful for the opportunity to spend my time with a intelligent, caring, respectful, HOT man. I could never have imagined someone that I could be more happy with. I can only tell you that the last year has flown by and as always I am thankful for everyday I have to spend here.

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  1. Awww I am so happy to hear/read that you are so happy and lucky in love. You have been busy lately.. what a great summer so far. I plan on making up for this summer with fall activities for my kids... but living in SoCal without seasons it is very do-able.

    Hope you are feeling well my friend. Take care