Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Talk about a sun burn

Oh my sun burn… Those are the only thoughts I can possess tonight. It is hard to believe A. How damaging the sun is and B. How useless sunscreen is when it has set in your draw for too long and C. if you don’t apply it; it can’t help you. These are all things I learned today while a roaring springs with the girls.
         My good friend Joanna and I took her two wonderful kids and my two wonderful kids to Roaring Springs the local water park. (without Eli sadly- more to come on this) Water parks are not one of my favorite places due to So many people being there and you have to wait in lines. I HATE waiting in lines more than anyone I know but, today it was for the kids.
        The girls loved the lazy river that floats around the entire park at a slow speed the most. Then second came the kiddie area where they were big enough for the rides. It was fun to watch how excited everyone was to be there. Joanna and I could have stayed home and done cocktails and never thought twice but, as always the smiles made it worth it. They enjoyed every minute of it and came home red and still ready to play in the sprinklers. AWESOME.. Their energy outlast a train most days.
        My skin on the other hand did not fare as well… I am a walking strawberry applying aloe every ten minutes and considering every natural remedy in the book; olive oil anyone?
        The day came in and out so fast you barely noticed when the clock stroked ten and the kids were fast asleep and we were once again siting on the couch cuddled up. My laptop and Sean’s book couldn’t be a better way to spend the evening.

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  1. Ohhh poor you! I HATE getting burned. OUCH! Hope it feels better soon. The park looks AMAZING!