Saturday, July 2, 2011

Montana and I

   We took all the kids to Montana over this week to visit my Sean's family= my in-laws-ish. As they call me their daughter inlaw-ish.
    First, I can not even express how thankful I was for our new car. (if you haven't heard Sean and I purchased a vovlo xc90, welcome to third row seating.) All the kids were comfortable and we could banish them to the third seat if they were getting to loud or wanted to nap. We didn't leave Boise until almost 4:30, so it was a long drive. I am sure that didn't help but, we made it there at 1 in the morning... Thank goodness.
    Tuesday, is a amazing day of saying hi, giving hugs, and reconnecting. I love Julie and Bobs home, I could stay there forever. It is amazing little house ranch where they make custom saddles for western riders. I feel so at home there. I never want to leave, it is my dream home; little, happy, secluded but still close.
     Julie is incredible, her personality just boils out of her. I can't not smile when I am within ear shot of her. The amount of work ethic and strength just makes me want to emulate her.
    Bob and I personalities are SO much alike. We can banter for hours and never think twice of how crude or rude we are. I enjoy his sense of himself, the humility that we can share. The loss that we both have had. I look forward to our talks and wouldn't trade them in.
     I could go on and on. To say the least they are amazing.... I really enjoy the whole family. I have never felt so welcome with in a family.

                 We tied dyed shirts, went to see the bison, and hung out in the saddle shop. It was a amazing, welcoming, and fun welcoming.

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  1. This sounded the perfect place to be and made such an interesting post.
    I am really pleased that you had this experience of visiting here & feeling so welcome.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May