Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The burn

        I know I confessed I had a burn but, I don’t think you know how serious I am talking. I am radioactive currently. I lift up my shirt and I glow. I know… I should have learned my lesson a hundred years ago and no I didn’t. Cancer didn’t even teach me that I NEED to reapply my sun screen at least a hundred times when I go out especially sense I am currently being microwaved. Well, my lesson is firmly burned into my skin right now as I put layer and layer of aloe onto my skin. My skin is sad… really sad.                                                                                                                                                                                    On another note, my girls are officially getting new mom, two sisters, and a brother over this weekend. Saturday my ex will have a new Mrs. I never thought it would seem weird; we have been so close over the years after our divorce.  Matt has always been my best friend, he was my best friend before our marriage and continued to be one of my closest friends after our divorce. Even though things ended I could always count on our friendship. We have managed to raise two amazing little girls by ourselves. Helped each other through break-up and make ups, late phone calls, kids sickness, and about everything else in the book over the years.                                                                                                                                                                It is time to let those strings go. I never thought that either of us would move on. Now that we both have it feels odd that our lives have moved so FAR apart. That the only things we have in common are our little ones. I had always envisioned us at Christmas with are other spouses opening presents around a tree at one of our homes. I know; it seems crazy but, deep down this is what I wanted. Now, I understand that I am so happy that we are able to laugh together and that we don’t fight about our kids. I am thankful that we have a friendship that allows us to see each other for the wonderful parents that we have become. This is a new chapter in our forever friendship raising our children.                                                                                              All I can say is congratulations to the best co-parenting partner I could have asked for. I hope that their happiness is wonderful and last forever. I hope that their family is strong so when I am not they will be there for the girls. I hope that their wisdom helps them through the hard times. I hope that I never have to pick up the pieces of Matt's heart.

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  1. That is serious sun burn. You are naughty!

    It is good that you are so philosophical about your ex and it is so much better to have been good friends than antagonistic sparring partners.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May