Sunday, July 10, 2011


    Do you ever think about what you eat? About what goes in and where it came from. I spent a life time of just eating what came from the grocery store. I never thought about what went on the food or worse in the food.
     I at times thought those people that thought TOO much about it were crazy. I mean what were they obsessing about? Our government wouldn’t allow our food to be poisonous to our health. How could our vegetables be bad? That is impossible right?
     As I dig deeper and deeper into the truths about our food; I become more aware at exactly how dangerous our food can be. The chemicals, hormones, traveling time and a truck load of other problems that our now coming into our homes with our food. There are more and more links every day between cancer and our food. Not to mention obesity rates in our country.
        I didn’t even know that food were alkaline and acidic. What does that even mean? The information was on lock down… Well at least for me it was; I didn’t know how much impact the grocery store had on my life or how easy most of the changes would be.
        We have stopped eating out of boxes completely without much complaint from the littles. They seem excited about all of the new cooking that is going on. They want to be involved more now than ever. I had never considered myself as much of a cook but, as I start experimenting with new ideas, fresh food, and juicing my talent seem to be growing.
        I know that my problems will not be solved by diet alone. I know that the worlds food problems will not be solved by me but, I am taking a step in the right direction.
Maybe next year a community garden will appear at our home.


  1. When battling cancer, I think most people do worry about whether it is anything to do with the food we eat. After all, one in three of us will get cancer.
    I had thought (before I knew I had cancer), that I ate very healthily and lived a healthy life..... so I was really disillusioned by the fact that I still had cancer.
    Then someone else said that maybe things might have been a lot worse if I had eaten piles of rubbish.
    So who knows?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. I read an interesting novel that dealt with a similar topic--The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

    The girl in the story can taste everything that's ever happened to the food she eats--the field it grew in, the factory it was processed in, every emotion of everyone who has touched it. Lovely book.