Monday, July 18, 2011

And cur-plunk...


My green making machine went cur-plunk late last week in the middle of making a double batch of green goodness for our breakfast/lunch; it just flat out died... Mid way through making my morning love juice.. It just stopped. What the fuck? Seriously? Really? give me the fucking Green Juice you bad juicer bitch (sorry she had it coming)
     This is one of those times you get what you payed for. I payed 100 dollars for my now diseased juicer. At the time that seemed like a lot for a juicer that I wasn't sure I was even going to commit to. The thought of drinking the juice was much less fun then making it. Well, we did end up using it. We used it almost everyday and it lasted a whopping three months before she committed suicide mid-shift.

       With her passing so came the search for a new juicer. I had no idea that there are three different kinds of juicers on the market. I certainly couldn't figure out why some where over 800 dollars and some were 50. Well after much thought we came to the conclution either we were going to be replacing juicer every three months at 100 dollars or it was time to invest in the big time. Many dollars later we brought her home the master masticating juicer. She who shall soon be named has a ten year warranty that covers almost anything and you can purchase spare parts for her. Not to mention after our first juicing session we were up 12 oz!!! on the same amount of veggies. That is a saver right there. She is smaller, way heavier, not as pretty but, works like a charm.


  1. For that much money she better do a lot more then just make juice...she better make your skin quiver with delight

  2. We DID NOT SPEND 800 but, we did spend a lot more than I wanted too.

  3. Beautiful! Love the post.