Wednesday, July 13, 2011

baby loves a dentist

Corbynn broke her back molar biting a piece of candy; wait what? Seriously? How is it always this child. You know the one that has had two sets of stitches, who is always missing her knees and never complains about the big ones yet; you know if she even thinks she has a paper cut.
This brings us to this morning:
“When do we get to go to the dentist and what kind of toy will I be getting after?” Corbynn yells
“We are leaving after lunch and I am not sure if there will be a toy.” I reply
“What? What do you mean no toy? There is always a toy when you are nice at the dentist, if not a toy you get to bring home tooth paste and COOL toothbrush.” Corbynn  says all to knowingly.
“I am not sure Corbynn”
“Well I am!!!”
That was that she stomped off to go get very pretty for her appointment. She dressed up in her little white dress wanted her hair done and for me to brush her teeth so they would be really clean for Doctor Hayes.

As soon as we walked into the door at the dentist she was as happy as a kid in a candy stores. She talked polite to everyone that she came in contact while she was waiting and then sitting in the chair. She only sad ouch once when he stuck in the needle then I never heard another word for 55 minutes until the root canal was done.. Then
“Can I see my SPARKLY tooth Mr. Doctor Sir” Corbynn said in her sweet voice.
After staring at her new cap for a few minutes she thanked him and asked if she could have her new tooth brush. Dr. Hays was so happy with her he gave her money for a Snow Cone because he had never had a little girl so happy to be at the dentist getting a root canal.
That is my little girl… Just wanted some bling aka
 up in her mouth… ha ha

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