Sunday, June 27, 2010

a day in pictures

Out side playing before I got ready for the day

Teaching a friends little one to use my camera

Stolen Binkies

My feet at the park

Ontop of something tall

hanging upside down like a little monkey

totally tired and using self timer mode

Attach of wet, wet, wet dog

Loving my new use of self timer. However,  exhausted and wishing there was someone around to take them

tired and now relaxed. If I had one of me sleeping it would be full circle today

favorite shot of the day!


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  2. I stumbled across your blog when my daughter, who was sitting on my lap, clicked on your profile pic. I was reading/posting a birthday note to Nie.

    My daughter is 3 and immediately fell in love with the "rainbow flowers."

    I skimmed around a bit and laughed my ass off on your view on "twilight." That was awesome. I couldn't agree more.... I like you.

    Great pics, you're beautiful.