Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nie Nie

Dear Stephanie,
How can I explain how much of a inspiration you have been to me. You are a strong, amazing, and beautiful. You have over come so many challenges always looking to god for strength and guidance. I am humbled by your faith and conviction in the lord. I look to you as a pillar of life. Stephanie; your story brings me to tears but, not because of how sad it is all is but, because of how it has change you. How strong you have become. How your sharing has change and become it's own energy. The truth behind your words always cuts me down to my soul. I face my challenges differently every time I think of you and how you have come to your.

The love you share with the world is a beacon of hope. When you open your voice to the world they listen. You open your heart with out thinking twice. A radiance of light come from every stroke you type.

Your family is the poster family for moral support and greatness of what can come from tragedy. Yet, every tragedy has a gold lining for you it has been a new world. I understanding of wanting to live. I can't imagine the pain you have came through. I am in awe of your wisdom and clarity for life. Your love for your family is something that comes from fairy tales. The way you have always spoken of christian is a love that not many will never experience. You have found the perfect match for you and I am so happy for you.

I am having writers block right now... amazing right? Me with out words... Doesn't happen much. I have been struggling Stephanie, life has been hard these last few months. Life has been silent, unknown, and unfilled. When I think of you Stephanie it is hard not to cry. Not because you have had it so badly but, because you are so lucky. You have such a incredible ability to impact those around you. I am sitting here listening to your video; I listen to it a lot to be honest. I have had trouble hating god when I think of you. I have trouble not just being in awe of how much he has spoken with you. How you have felt the spirit in your heart. How you have continued to choose God. I am proud of you, and envious at trust in god and gods plan. I am thankful that you have mentored me so much in faith. I know that I don't always look like I am hearing you but, I promise I listen. How well you have listened to your own heart. How you have stood in many troubled spots. i am blessed to know you.

I hope you know that you are not the only person trying to bring back home them selves. I hope you know that you are so brave when you say you are not your body. Some times I scream it when I am alone. Then I breath really deep and think all the wonderful things in my life are.

i love you, stay strong my friend.

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