Saturday, June 26, 2010


I picked up my little ones at my fathers farm this morning. They had gone out to the farm to enjoy some starberriers and treehouse fun. My dad told me that they sat in the starberry batch for an hour picking and eating starberries. Then they played in the sand box until I arrived to retrieve my munchins.  At first glance I wasn't sure if they were mine. Mudd, straberry juiced faces, black feet, and crazy laughter. I couldn't believe how dirty these two little girls have got in less than three hours.  They looked like someone had taken a gargage pale and unloaded it on to them. They were insanely happy and funny.  Koda laughing away at grandpa who was happy just to have them there. Her smile just ringing through her eyes. She is incredible child with so much depth and senserity. Her way of making everything matter; she knows how to turn a second into a moment. She knows how to hug like a mother hugs a child. She is older than her years by lifetimes. I can't tell you how much I love this child.

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