Sunday, February 20, 2011

     My house is clean! I love a clean house, nothing makes me happier than a clean house. I love the smells that you can only get from house hold cleaners. I love the high I get when I am done cleaning. Cleaning is a nesters crack cocaine; it makes your heart race as you do more and more. Every time you spray anti-bacterial scent on a surface you receive a new high. I know it is wrong but, you can't denie it is a mysterious task. When I have finally gotten everything put in its rightful spot;I feel as if I have taken over the world. I LOVE it. I do not by any means love cleaning don't take this the wrong way. I still HATE to clean. I just love the result. 
    Home sweet home had been looking pretty shabby. You know how it gets when you just keep the top layer clean? You may be able to look past the grime growing below for a few days but, sooner or later you are going to see all the black gunk that has taken over your floor boards. A little deep cleaning is a must do once a week. I feel anxious when the house is messy. Makes me believe my life is messy. I hate feeling like my life is messy or unorganized. I think I take it out on the others in my life because I start feeling so out of place in my own space. 
    Now that it is all nice and clean I am HAPPY. We bought a new couch this weekend! I'll post pictures and give updates tomorrow when I am not so tired. 

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  1. Pinesol. Pinesol is my drug of choice. oooh and new furniture doesn't hurt :)
    Hearts, SJ