Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Good morning Wednesday! 
        New things on the rise. Dakota got her first alarm clock this week and feels like a "real grown up" She got up this morning and got her and her sister dressed, did hair, and brushed teeth. I was crawling out of bed when I heard them "quietly" come up the stairs. They were all ready for breakfast and to start the day. I love it!! 
         It is strange to think that my children are getting older. They are becoming independent and so self sufficient. However, that does seem to fall to the waist line when one or the other doesn't get her way. Koda had a serious breakdown when I asked her what kind of seed she brought home from school.  She couldn't remember what it was and just made up a name for it. I called her on it and she lost it! Threw herself on the bed and started crying and from then on the rest of the night was mostly tears.  She just falls apart at the oddest moments but, at least in those moments I still get to see my not so "grown up" 6 year old. 
       I made myself a promise this week that no matter how bad I felt I was getting dressed by nine and not putting on PJ's until it is close to bed time. It is a little thing that I hope will make me feel normal again. I know that they are just jeans and a t-shirt but, damn it feels good.  Even if I am putting on the weight right now. I can't seem to keep the scale down. I miss the gym. I miss the water but, right now it is not a option. I will make it back to the gym asap promise! My body has been craving some stretching and stair stepper action. 

Our little Stella had a accident on our bathroom floor last night. This would have been bad alone but, it got worse Sean stepped in at 5:30 this morning. Sean didn't scream but, he came back to bed not exactly on the right side. Stella hates the cold so much that she hides at potty time.  Her jacket is not enough as she very boldly told us on our bathroom rug this morning. So forcing Stella outside is going to be a adventure. 


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