Saturday, February 26, 2011

talk time.


  Okay, Okay, OKAY!!!! Enough is ENOUGH.  This is how I felt this week in a nut shell. It is amazing how demanding three + one can be. I have to say my understanding levels are low this week due to elevated hormone levels and massively unnecessary cramping.
      I noticed how inconsiderate my children are every once in a while. I am ready for a over haul; I know that most of the time these kids are the best kids on the block but, right now there are a lot of new influences in their lives. Two teenage step sisters that are not to be called angels are making small impressions on my well-behaved little ones. Nothing major some talking back, a little talking under their breath, a lot of crying to get their way and the I want that. I am through with it though. I have always had the best behaved kids and that is going to still be the case. With a few needed adjustments not yet determined I am going to teach a little bit of respect, consideration, and plain manners. I feel as if they just lost them somewhere along the way.   Do kids magically become brats? 
       Corbynn has always had her moments and I have succome to those way to often. She knows how to work me that one. She knows how to make me feel horrible for even thinking of punishment. She is going to be hard to break I believe. I am working on her during my alone time with her all day. Just reminding her who is mom, and why she doesn't get every thing she wants. That is a all day job right now let me tell ya. 
        Dakota just wants to CRY cry Cry... Kid knows it works and she is working the system... Except her cry is less effective for unknown reasons. Maybe because it is more of a pouting cry than a real one or is it due to how often it happens? Not sure I know the answer to this puzzle yet but, I think I am being tricked a little. She is WAY to smart for her own good right now. 
          This all may be coming into play because we have wonderful, respectful, polite neighbor kids. I notice how easy these manners come to them.... What are those picture perfect neighbors hiding over there? Some kind of sweet kid juice? I am going to find out asap...

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