Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Smell like Tuna.

  Since, I have radiation on Tuesday I figured we needed to do something different than talk about rad on Tuesdays.  (I am tired of talking about rad)
     I have been trying to get out of my personal food box. I have been making the same things for years and years. I am ready to try some new foods. This weeks trail will be tuna casserole. I am not a "HUGE" tuna fan due to many years of tuna and applesauce dieting during my teenage years. 

      Well it turned out pretty good, I had my concerns about using cheddar soup as the cheese.  I didn't even know they made cheddar soup. They shouldn't really... It looked NASTY; there for creating a fear of this casserole. It came out edible and some even went back for seconds and no one woke up to throw up. Also managed throw together lemon bars. Dinner played out better than expected.  Any favorite recipes for next radical Tuesday? 


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