Sunday, February 6, 2011

From a shorter view

I look tall for the first time in my life!
               What do you think of my new blue walls in the kitchen? We are looking into new doors for the cabinets. Any idea's? I know I want to go more modern and or shabby sheek...Hee hee

I love the way Sean smiles at Koda

This is a electrical box in our bathroom remodel. Koda told me it was RADICAL... No idea

Our remodel in action

We hung these intentionally short, so I could view them but, from Koda's view they are still up there.

Danger Danger!!! I forget how much of a mess our house is in until a shot like this comes in.

Our new plates... Koda thinks they look like water ripples.

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  1. I like the blue! What cabinets would brighten it and give a shabby chic look, I think :). He has a great smile! and yes, you look tall!