Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of my life.

This was taken at Santa Rampage. Please notice my wonderful elfish ears and Sean Boigie Santa hat.
Can I just gush a bit this morning? 
    I love all the little things Mr. Wonderful is. 
1. I love that he kisses me last thing at night and first thing in the morning. 
2. He makes me tea with milk and sugar.
3. That before he leaves to go any where he kisses me. 
4. He hugs my mom. 
5. He is always making a list. 
6. He can be goofy.
7. He plays games ie: the forgotten board games, card games, mostly old people games. 
8. He waits for me when I am being a slow snowboarder. 
9. He lets the little things slide. 
10. He fixes everything. 
11. He lets me think I do.
12. He calls when he is going to be late. 
13. He worries about me when I am sick but, never says it. 
14. He makes me spaghetti when I need comfort food.

15. He loves me. (that is still a little thing right?)
16. He sings when I fall.
17. He talks to me while and after my seizure, telling me that everything is okay. 
18. He makes me giggle even when I don't want to.
19. He always cuddles close on the couch. 
20. He takes Stella out at night when it is REALLY cold outside. 

                I am sure I could go one but, I am not much of a gusher. He doesn't read my blog so I don't have to feel to girly about this post.

This is a must watch. It makes my heart warm inside. 

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